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Now you can:

Display all of your listings for your clients
Users can send you pictures of homes they are interested in
Provide users with important home buying information
Send instant updates to your clients to generate interest


Option 1

Custom Setup only $495
*Monthly Maintenance only $59
No Contract!

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Option 2

Custom Setup only $99/mo for 6 months
*Monthly Maintenance only $59
6 Month Contract

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Maintenance is required for all apps and includes:

  • Unlimited access and the ability to add or change hundreds of modules and features for your mobile app

  • A simple to use interface so you can change any function, feature, color or look on your app – without any programming knowledge necessary

  • Unlimited push notifications to your clients (a message you send that pops up on their phone)

  • Easy to read Analytics and Statistics so you know exactly how many people are using your app

  • Unlimited software and feature updates

  • Our team of expert marketers that will work with you to generate increased sales and provide you with proven mobile marketing strategies

  • Access to our team of dedicated experts