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What you place in the App Name section is exactly what will appear in the iTunes and Android Market place, so make sure there are no spelling, spacing or capitalization errors. Also if your business has a rather general name you should search the app store first to see if anyone has used it yet. Apple only allows unique app names. (sales rep can complete this portion)

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The app icon name is what appears underneath the native app on users phones. It should be something closely related to the businesses app name. The app icon name can be a maximum of 12 characters. You can include capitalization and spaces if needed. (sales rep can complete this portion)

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The app keywords are an important tool that help users find your businesses app! They can be thought of as an SEO type strategy for the new mobile market place. We recommend inputting similar keywords that you’d want users to use when finding your business on Google! The keyword limit is 100 characters. (sales rep can complete this portion)

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The app description is useful in letting potential users know what the app is about and what kind of useful features are included. App descriptions should be at least 5-6 sentences. App descriptions that simply state “example app name’s mobile app” will be rejected by Apple! An example of the first sentence is “This is the official app of XYC company…”(sales rep can complete this portion)

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