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FINE Magazine Wants To Thank You!

As a loyal advertiser, FINE Magazine would like to thank you and has arranged a special offer. We have partnered with IT Mentor APPS to provide you with your own Custom Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Android, and a Free Mobile Website.

You will be working directly with the CEO of IT Mentor APPS, Mr. Daniel Altbaum, a Social Media and Restaurant App Expert. He understands the needs of restaurants and specializes in growing your business through powerful Mobile Marketing and Social Media. IT Mentor APPS works with restaurants throughout the country and has recently completed apps for Hash House A Go Go, The Lion’s Share, Asti Ristaurante, Watermarc, 230 Forest, and Opah.

IT Mentor APPS was rated the highest in customer satisfaction in SkyMall magazine by their customers in 2012, and is a member and preferred provider of Mobile Apps for the Nevada Restaurant Association and its restaurant membership.

To get started with your own Custom Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Android and a Free Mobile Website, simply select one of the purchase options listed below. If you would like to talk to the CEO of IT Mentor APPS, Mr. Daniel Altbaum, you may email him at daniel@itmentorapps.com or call him directly on his cell phone, 619-992-8452.


Your Own Custom Restaurant App!

Feature your app in your FINE Magazine ad
Readers can download your app, see your entire menu, and book instantly
Send push updates and notifications to your customers
Update your mobile app with a simple user interface
Increase customer retention and bring them back again and again
Hundreds of built in features and utilities
Unlimited software and feature updates
We help you market and increase your customer base
100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Option 1

Custom Setup only $1495
*Monthly Maintenance only $99
No Contract!

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Option 2

Custom Setup only $299/mo for 6 months
*Monthly Maintenance only $99
6 Month Contract

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Option 3

$5000 One Time – No other payments for life!
*No Monthly Maintenance fees for life!
No Contract!

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Maintenance is required for all apps and includes:

  • Unlimited access and the ability to add or change hundreds of modules and features for your mobile app.

  • A simple to use interface so you can change any function, feature, color or look on your app – without any programming knowledge necessary.

  • Unlimited push notifications to your clients (a message you send that pops up on their phone)

  • Easy to read Analytics and Statistics so you know exactly how many people are using your app.

  • Unlimited software and feature updates.

  • Our team of expert marketers that will work with you to generate increased sales and provide you with proven mobile marketing strategies.

  • Access to our team of dedicated experts.